Yesterday aftenoon, Tara and I took a break from our quilt project and were looking out the window into the back yard,

A pair of crow type birds, (large, black and noisy) landed in the yard and proceeded to do a stately minuet, bowing and nudging as they stepped to a cadence we could not hear. Across the yard they danced, the larger bird stopping from time to time to pick something from the grass, raising the offering in it’s beak to show the smaller.

We stood by the window, chatting as we watched them. Like a pair of young lovers, the birds were totally oblivious to us.

At some point I guess the smaller bird granted approval; the two flew off together, the larger one carrying a piece of what we thought was some of the yard mulch up into one of the pine trees in a neighbors yard.

They stayed there for some time before returning to repeat the dance.