National Quilting Day! Yesterday we went to several quilt shops, somehow, books and fabric found their way into our hands. I just don’t understand how that happens, do you?  We may finish tying our project from earlier in the week, but there ae some other things in the works as well, we shall see what happens.

Rain is a possibility and that will enter in to what we actually DO today. Arthur thinks it will rain, he’s sending messages to parts of my back and knees to verify his weather forecasting skill.

John and Tara had activities last night so Em and I stayed in, I read a book on Amish quilts and their history. I think the Krispy Kremes and the incredible strawberry waffle finally wore off, I just needed to sit and relax.

This morning, I sat out on the patio, drinking my coffee, listening to the birds wake up and watching the sun lighten up the mountains to the east. Up here on this hill, I can see traffic and hear it muted and far off, on the patio, it is not so different from home. The birds, flowers and trees are not the same but not totally alien to me. I can see why my kids like it so much!

I have enjoyed walking the neighborhood, looking at the plants, from palms and cactus to pines and citrus, with a thousand flowers known and unknown decorating the world with color and scent. Of course, I had a raging NEED to find out what some of these unfamiliar plants are, but this seems to be one time Google is not very helpful.

I will try to remember the camera today as we go on our adventures…well, honestly, it has been with me, but I can’t seem to remember to take pictures. I will have to try harder!