As I stepped to the gate yesterday for my plane from San Diego to Denver, I stepped in to a swarm of young Marines on their way(s) home. I told them how appreciative I am of them for their personal choice to serve this country. As we waited, I was offered coffee by several who were going to get some and entertained by some stories they relayed. My bag was hoistd to the overhead by one young man and retrieved for me in Denver by another.

Several were flying on to St. Louis, and sort of made it their ‘business’ to watch over this little old granny lady.

In Denver we wer joined on the St. Louis leg by some Army wives, making their way to Rt. Leonard Wood from Utah to be with husbands who graduate basic training there this week. I thanked them too, for their husbands and also for those ladies, who are giving up a lot to see those soldiers through.

And to all the rest, again, in these troubled times, you who serve and you who support, I thank you! God bless and be with you all where ever you are.