Yes, you read it right! And I can spell it properly – lasagna.

However, to me it is la-John-ya, or La-Jon-ya, and it is this way because my two sons- in -law, John and Jon are the ones who make the ‘real’ thing for me. It is one of my favorites, Hubby hates it so it is never made here for me alone.

Both of them make it differently and deliciously. I do not have their ‘secret’ recipes. I do appreciate the wonderful combination of cheese, noodles, meat and sauce each one provides. 

It is a staple of comfort food in New England, I learned to love, and appreciate the fact that they make it for me.

When there is a big family gathering, or I am visiting, one of the ‘boys’  can usually be depended on to make it. I can be depended on to consume it!

John made 4 large pans while I was visiting, 2 disappeared in short order and some was frozen for the future.