This was on a friends Facebook status a few days ago, I had to share it. “My neighbor found his Gold. His hobby was metal detecting and many times when he returned home after metal detecting, he would show me what he found and always would say someday I am going to find something more valuable. And last night when he entered glory he did, he found his gold.”
Simple and profound words to express a belief. 
I loved those words and saved them, knowing that soon my beloved mother would also be ‘crossing over’. She wasn’t a metal detector, but I know she had a great faith and has now found her gold too, in the garden of Love.
She has now gone on, to be with the Lord.  She is released from suffering and pain, reunited with those who have gone before and waiting expectantly for the rest of us. In spite of the loss and pain we all feel, that is such a joyous promise.
Her legacy, a loving , close family, a million memories, and a million lessons taught… I’ve said it before, I hope when I grow up, I can be just like you, Mom.