I looked at the Missouri Conservation calendar this morning. It’s almost time to put out the hummingbird feeders!

 The calendar says to start looking for them mid-April. With our  strange  weather this spring, they may be early or late. I am sure that they will be here, bright and lovely jewels in the air!

 I will be getting the feeder out of the closet today, make some ‘nectar’ up and  hang it.  I would rather it was ready and in place for those tiny travelers than to have them arrive hungry from their long flight with no welcome.

We often sit in the yard after they arrive, being ‘buzzed’ by the tiny creatures hovering around the tree where the feeder hangs.

We make our own nectar,  boiling 1 quart of water with 2 cups of sugar. Then cool it to fill the feeder. I never put food coloring in it like the ‘store’ kind and we never seem to lack the tiny birds.

Last year, a couple of times the feeder got emptied and a sparkling little ruby throat would come hover at the living room window, letting me know I had better get busy and fill it up.