Hubby and I had a walk out through the garden and food plot listening for turkey and enjoying the sunrise.

 As we came back we noticed blooms on the strawberries. These plants are descendants of some that Granny and I planted back 30 years ago. When we moved back ‘home’ in 1997, they were matted and ragged. We chose a few and moved them, first to a bed in the yard, then some to other places as they continued to proliferate and produce.

They have sort of gone wild, the berries are not large, and have a wonderful taste you won’t find in the store.

Last year we moved some back to the garden, hoping to make the bed a little bigger and easier to care for.

Each year, I look forward to their tangy taste and simple sweetness. Enough for a short cake or two fresh and some to freeze for later. Just a little reminder of how good things can be.