I recently mentioned my trip to Tomatomania and the delight I took in the old time heirloom tomato plants. The color and scent took me over the edge. Planting time fast approaches, I have found a source.

Locally, it is hard to find them, many hybrids exist with traits to keep away disease, blight and even repel certain pests. Perhaps as touted, these plants are more vigorous.

I’m tired of tomatoes that have meally texture and are only one step removed from what isavailable at the grocery. I’m taking a leap of faith and planting heirlooms this year!

Personally, I am ready to go out and fight with these natual offenders in ordert ohave my desired ‘chocolate’ tomatoes this year. I really think it is worth the effort and the added expense of buying my plants from a nursery, rather than the local outlets.

I found this blog entry that I thought was interesting