This clump of Spring Beauty caught my eye while we were out early this morning.

 I was glad to see this size bunch, it means I can go out with a trowel and gather some of the tasty little ‘fairy potatoes’ found at the roots.

Tiny tubers, the largest may be an inch across, it takes quite a few to ‘make a mess’. They are good scrubbed and fried in a little butter.

 Since they are so small, I also like to take them, scrub them up and add to a pot of spring greens. You only need to cook them a few minutes, so I add them about 5 minutes before I plan to serve up my greens.

Raw, they remind me of a water chestnut in texture.

Always, if you are out looking for them, leave some of the tubers to grow. Then you can be sure there will be some next year, for you and maybe to share with a friend.