Turkeys gobble, dogwood blooms, it’s time to be out looking for morel mushrooms. This unassuming little fungus is considered by many to be the best.  Hubby and I went out this morning after the rain to take a look in our nearby mushroom hunting grounds.

Hunting them on a damp morning may not be to your taste, until you have savored a mess of fried morels. Then you might consider it well worth your while. Especially, for you hunters this season, if your morning turkey hunt turns out badly. You might not get that gobbler, but still be greeted at home with smiles!

Our great Missouti Conservation Department has some information for hunting the wild goodies. You might click on the link here if you don’t know where a patch of morels are.


Granny Shipman fixed them like this:

One (1) batch of Morels, halved, cleaned & soaked “a while” or overnight in salt water with a heavy plate weighing them down in the water, then rinsed well & drained at cooking time.

 In a wide shallow bowl: 1 Country Egg mixed with 1/4 c. milk
In a thick paper bag: 2 c. cornmeal with 1 t. black pepper mixed in.
In a deep well-seasoned cast-iron skillet, melt bacon grease 1″ deep. Get it good and hot but not smoking.
Now dip your mushrooms in the milk and let them soak a little while your grease is heating.
Pick a handful out of the bowl and shake them a little to get off some of the liquid excess then drop them in the bag of cornmeal.
Hold your hand on the bottom of the bag so Alaska black morels it doesn’t break, and gently shake.
Add more mushrooms, shaking gently after each addition. When they are all coated very well, start laying them in a single layer in the hot skillet.
Try to only turn them once, that way your coating stays on better.
Don’t salt, bacon grease is salty. When golden, drain on paper towel.

Another way to fix them is paired with some fresh asparagus, which, in God’s plan is coming up now too.

Morels with asparagus

 1. Just slice up your morels, asparagus and some garlic
2. saute the mushrooms for a bit first in the butter and garlic.
3. then add the mushrooms and saute quickly until asparagus is just done.

Throw it on a plate, splash with a bit of lemon and fresh cracked pepper