I read this blog today. http://stefaniesoehnchen.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/what-i-like-about-you-%E2%80%93-women-discover-the-power-of-complimenting-each-other/

It got me thinking, how often do we compliment someone? And for what?

My parents were not much on compliments, at least not for “the way we looked”. More often than not however there were compliments and thanks, for any ‘job well done’.  Thinking about it, I too, am probably guilty of that very thing.

I find myself embarrassed when someone compliments the way I look, but swell with pleasure and pride when someone speaks well of something done, a meal I made, a craft project, an act of ‘neighboring’ or even these blog posts. Even those bother me sometimes, although I know people who seem to feed on frequent and effusive compliments. As my dad and hubby point out, you are ‘just doing the job’.