Yesterday, we looked at the garden, or what should be the garden. Much of our early planting has washed out of rotted at the root from the 14+ inches of rain we have had in the past couple of weeks.

An effort to replant will be made.  At least, here on the ridge, the excess water will run off and we might well have some garden to enjoy.

I am thinking though of the farmers who had planted fields of crops south of us. Driving that area last week, there were places totally covered in several inches of water.  In some places water as far as you could see, almost like driving along a beach road. Most of those crops will be lost this year.

It’s chilly, 42 outside and 64 inside. That prompts a ‘baking mood… some project to put heat in the house!

Looking at the calendar, it says May, so I am wondering, “What happened to Spring?”