We will have new neighbors before long, perhaps.

About a mile and a quarter down the road toward the highway. We stopped in today as they were working on their place. Hubby and I visited a bit and shared some knowledge. Homesteading on a shoestring is something we sort of understand.

Hubby made a trip back over awhile ago to take some information about getting their water hooked up.  He’ll be down there with some labor too, as they need it.

Now he is heading off to the garden to do some tilling. There are flowers on the tomatoes today and things are beginning to look promising there, at last.

In the yard, multitudes of iris are blooming, I think a gift of the rhizomes for the new neighbors might be a good idea, in time, and maybe some of the other things that brighten up my world as well.

For now, I will get back to work on the raffle quilt I am making, and some of the other projects that need attention.