While out and about this morning, we noticed a lot of ‘jar flies’ clinging to the iris. Closer inspection showed them in many places.

It’s time for the cyclical cicada invasion! The ‘ugly bugs’ have it! I have always heard them called ‘jar flies’ or locusts, not often cicadas although I know that is the proper name.

Unlike locusts, these critters don’t eat much. They are totally uncaring where they leave their nymph shells – on every tree, weed stalk or any sort of vertical surface above the ground. The chickens seem to like the shells, so I appreciate their clean up efforts.

The cruchy shells crackle underfoot as they fall from whereever they are shed.

The ear piercing buzzing noise they make, becomes a pain as it continues unabated over several weeks.

A recent news article http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2011/04/27/periodical-cicadas-2011-emergence/ reminds us that  they will be around for awhile.