I am pretty sure that it has not mattered much how much sunshine Missouri got today. Last nights storms and tornadoes proved Mark Twain sort of right. To paraphrase his famed remark, “You can always talk about the weather but you can’t do much about it”.

Today as cleanup begins in many places and search and rescues continue, the weather is probably a hot topic. Missourians, are however, for the most part still the strong people who first came here, the descendants of rivermen, trappers, woodsmen and hard scrabble farmers and their tough families.

Most of us have been touched in some way by these weather related happenings and are ready to do what needs done to help out. From sending prayers, to the help needed to get people back on their feet. The tornado, like those that recently hit Alabama and Tennessee among other places was devastating. Smaller storms in many places also wreaked havoc. But no one is giving up, no one is giving in, and those fortunate enough to be untouched are ready to help.

People will continue to fight, rebuilding from this in time as well as the floods that are still sweeping down our midwest rivers and the firesthat have razed Texas and Oklahoma. We are a bunch of survivors, and willing to come together in time of need. That is what made us the people we are!

There is still a spirit of ‘neighborhood’ and ‘neighboring’, alive and well in America.  Friends from mid Missouri reported some damages and the ready assistance of others to help remove debris and make repairs. Other friends from the tornado hit area have reported worse things, injuries and loss of life in at least two cases, some are still ‘waiting to hear’, I hope they know that they have support, prayers and love in abundance.