No offense to Mr Gershwin and his great music, nor Ella Fitzgerald for her wonderful rendition of this song.

I remember hot humid days, several of us walking the dirt road to the local general store a mile or so each way for a treat, singing this after a day of picking berries, helping some older neighber with canning chores, the bouys might well have spent a day bucking hay bales.

We worked hard, but never really noticed. There was no “I’m bored”, because some grownup would always find something for you to do. We had no phones, no computers, often no TV, our families had gardens, there was food to prepare for winter use. Chores that had to be done. We had shared days of friendship, laughter and the good feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

When we finished those, the long walk to the store for a soda or ice cream, sometimes a trip to the creek or spring for swimming. Well earned and well appreciated.

It might not have been ‘easy’, but it was fun!