I went down to the garden early this morning, armed with my usual slather of sassafrass leaves, to do some hoeing.

There was no breeze and the mosquitoes swarmed thick all over. I’m sure this is the result of the ‘monsoons of April, leaving plenty of standing water for the little pests. The incessant high pitched buzz of busy wings  was distracting and the fog of insects a bit daunting.

I started my task, the sassafras has always kept them away, but these little bloodsuckers were more defiant than usual. Sneaking up around my eyes and into my nose. They seemed to stay off my arms and most of my face, where I had scrubbed the sassafrass leaves, but I was a bit leery of putting it around my eyes.I managed to get about half a row of corn done before I gave up and took to the shelter of four solid walls and some calamine lotion for the bites.

Hopefully, a breeze will come up, sending the creatures to sek shelter and I can go back to work later. For now, they have won, their invasion tactics are better than my defenses. I don’t like things in my nose and eyes!