A moment of peaceful beauty on the Mississippi River. The ‘Steamboat’ has made its last run, sadly grounded now. When this happened by our campsite, a few years ago, I must admit to  feeling the same kind of anticipation that small river town dwellers must have felt when they heard the cry “Steamboat ’round the bend!” long ago.

It was easy to place myself aboard, with Mark Twain in Life on the Mississippi.  Traveling in the opulent boat, hearing the music of the steam-powered calliope, walking the railed deck in the twilight.  Perhaps a late dinner and hearing the chug, chug of the wood fired engine turning the paddle wheel.

From my sandbar vista, simple to dream of  a world totally different from the one in which I dwell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ROalKnVZfU