Some years back, we made a trip to Colorado.  A young nephew, our two oldest daughters, Hubby and I. We camped by a tiny ice melt stream near Toponas CO. Even in late June, that water was much too cold for playing in! The girls would wade ankle deep for a few minutes and be shivering, blue with cold!

For a full week, we saw no other human beings.  Nephew and Hubby spent their days fishing the stream and beaver dam ponds, providing many small but delicious trout for meals. We ate them fried and more than once grilled over the open fire.

We tried rolling the trout in crushed potato chips then grilling, I must attest that this was pretty good!

Being a fan of the lore provided in the Roughing it Easy books by Dian Thomas, we tried making jello in the stream. Mix up the jello, put it in a plastic bag and immerse in the chilly water… voila, Jello, just like that made in the refrigerator. The kids thought it quite a treat! Strips of biscuit dough, wrapped around a hotdog and cooked on a stick over the fire was another easy meal enjoyed by all.

Each day we walked through the glorious forest, along the streams. Often coming upon life we were unfamiliar with. watching beaver work on the saplings surrounding the streams, the incredible ouzel birds walking underwater searching for food, the glorious wild flowers bloooming in the natural meadows…

Nephew,a brave teenager, planned to sleep in a small tent next to our pickup mounted camper. That lasted less than one night. Noises awoke him and the tent shook…in less time than I can tell it we heard a yelp and he entered the camper, making his bed on the floor.  Sure a bear had been to visit, he stayed up most of the night as did Hubby.

Daylight solved the mystery, some small creature had gnawed one of the ropes on the tent, dropping it on the unsuspecting occupant.