9:45 untill 10:22 am June 13

Dark clouds swirl, thunder rumbles in the stillness. Soon the maple tree branches bend with the wind, shadowing the kitchen window in near night darkness. The chickens have gone to roost in the gloom.

Lightning flashes illuminate the darkness, rolling thunder shakes the house. Miss Lily and I sit on the couch watching the storm through the open front door. Peas size hail chatters on the roof, piling on the porch as curtains of rain wrap around us. It falls so hard and fast, I can barely see the trees across the road, less than a hundred yards away.

And now the wind picks up, twisting high in the treetops, we can see it in the lightning flashes.

All is well, we have prepared, and said a prayer. As the storm passes on, we are safe and secure, for now.