My daughter Tara is involved in the making of a movie. A Night at the Roosevelt…

Friends, I would like you to go ‘like’ this page. It is a movie in the making by a friend of Tara Banks. Tara is helping with it and they need some support. So please go over there and make them feel good! Thank you

This link will take you to the page!/pages/A-Night-at-the-Roosevelt/220829221269745

A quote from the movie makers, “This short film project, shot on 35mm film, is the story of a man’s journey from the darkest place in his life to looking to a hopeful future as a result of one brief encounter at the Roosevelt Hotel bar”

Nice to see something without ‘blood, guts and shoot-em-ups’ being made!

Tara is shooting the ‘stills’ as the movie is being made. Not only will you help them out, you can learn first hand about some of the things that go on in the production of what we get to see in final versions.