Last night I made “some of those fried things we had in Louisiana”, we had a lot of ‘fried things’, but further questioning narrowed it down, ‘those powdered donut things’, gave me another clue. That translates to beignets, a light crunchy morsel covered in powdered sugar. If he had not said powdered, I would have suspected crullers, but that is a whole ‘nother thing… and quite a bit more labor intensive.

I found a recipe at which looked like it would fill the need. I whipped up a batch and cooked them. It took maybe 45 minutes start to finished munchables.

Hubby and I  deemed them good! That is about all that matters! Next time I make them, and there will be a next time, I will add about  2 Tbsp of sugar and a bit more liquid to the batter and use a rounded teaspoon to drop it in the hot oil. I used a tablespoon and thought it a bit too large when done. Using the tablespoon, I got 16 finished beignets.

Libby has a lot of  ‘good ol’ home cooking’ on the site, so even if you are not in the mood for a batch of beignets, you might look her up and find something else that will tempt your taster.

For those so inclined to try crullers, here is where I found them, Ok, I cheat on these, I drop them from a spoon too.