No, I really do not believe that this is going to be ‘in fashion’ again any time soon. But it does come back in style every so often.

 This dress, apron and bonnet were originally purchased back when I was ‘busy’ in my spare time, attending black powder events. Some of them required timely clothing to participate in the events, and even if not shooting, it was a lot of fun to just dress up.

The outfit, over the years since I got it, has been to more places than I have. It has made trips to California, for a granddaughter and to North Carolina for a daughter to use.

Yesterday it was delivered back to me, with a request to “keep it handy”.  I hung it up, thinking fondly of some of the times I wore it. With a number of Civil War commemoration events coming up in the near future, I imagine it will not stay in the closet.