I am very happy to add this to my collection of vintage kitchen items. Presented by a good friend the other day, along with a story of how it came to her and then to me.

Yes, it is hanging under the shelf right now. Do not expect it to stay there. This Ecko hand powered egg beater has worked, is in fine condition and will no doubt be put to use here, just like the other items ‘hanging around’.

I love these ‘old’ things, made in the US with care and pride!  Still doing the job they were intended for after many years.

And why is it hanging on a peg under the shelf? Like its friends and neighbors here in the kitchen, for me, it is a joy to look at. Often passing by the wall display and the shelf, I see not only the implements, but the loving and creative hands that held and used them. They speak to me in a silent affirmation of the past and a positive message is sent to the present.

Such items, if you can find them ‘new’, are no longer made to withstand the rigors of daily use.  I treasure mine, use them frequently and find the tales they pass along a source of wonder and pleasure, as are the culinary ‘mess-terpieces’ they help contrive.