Don’t know why, there are clouds up in the sky… it’s just another Monday… waiting to see it we will get some of the rain that is falling all around. Friday, while we were away, it rained, a nice slow soaking rain up on the river where we were, but not here.

The garden and plants need it, things have gotten dry. It shows, things in the garden are kind of standing still. It all looks good, but needs water. Even the hardy wild plants and clover are beginning to droop, wilted by the heat and humidity. Moisture slipping away.

Dust boils up on the road when a vehicle passes by, drifting on the wind or hanging hazy in the summer stillness.

Rumbles of thunder off in the distance, dark clouds filled the sky, a few drops hit the ground.

Not enough to do any good. The water splotches sink invisible.

And so we continue to hope…