Yesterday was ‘Shopping Day’. We had the usual long list, and quota of unrelated things to be done.

A stop in one place to get the new tire for the riding mower mounted, a stop at the Feed and Seed for the animal and garden needs, drop by the hospital to visit my dad and finally, the ‘dreaded shopping’!

We got off to a bad start, leaving much later than we had planned, had to wait for the ‘tire guy’, who was working at the fire house… Hubby wanted to hurry, he had projects waiting here at the homestead. You know how it is, the bigger rush you are in, the more stands in the way.

By the time we got to the shopping part, Hubby was getting impatient, wanting to get back and get a start on at least some of those ‘other things’.

I will add right here, it must have been ‘old home day’, we kept running in to people we had not seen in ages, requiring, out of politeness and friendships long established a few minutes of pleasant greetings and small talk. I saw folks I had not seen in days, weeks, months and years. I was having a great time! I get out seldom, and usually don’t run in to many people we know when we do go. It was nice to stand on a hot parking lot and chat with friends!

Some neighbors, who like me, don’t get out much, and others from far off, home for the 3th of July holiday. Yes, I took a few minutes with each one just to catch up. What a treat!

It took a lot of the pain of whittling down the list away. Or maybe just the human contact and putting off the actual pain of spending money and hunting for the best buy was the key.

Then, Hubby made the remark, as I stood trying to decide on what would be most cost effective in the middle of one grocery aisle, that daylight was wasting and it was getting hot outside. So I charged along, filling the cart with the ‘basics’, just to get done.

Soon, the truck was loaded with all the necessary items, headed to the homestead and the daunting task of getting everything put away. It always seems like that is the hardest part – filling the shelves, repackaging the bulk items… oh well, it saves trips.

It was finally done, and on we went to begin the ‘other things’.

By sundown, while Hubby generously manned the grill cooking dinner, we had accomplished a lot. The dreaded shopping was over, things put away, my heart was lifted from the trip and the visiting and electric line was strung and hooked up in his shed/workshop.

No it was not a big thing, but often it is the small things that make the miracles. Changing the ‘dreaded shopping’ to a much more pleasant experience – I’ll take that anytime.