Pretty aren’t they? That lovely shiny bronze back and jade green head. Sure enough, but they are HUNGRY! And they seem to love what is growing in the garden. Hubby is getting ready to spray the beans. A nasty population of these Japanese beetles is trying to take over. Efforts to ‘pick and kill’ individually have fallen way behind.

Some hot peppers and crushed garlic steeps to use to discourage the pests. A bit of dish detergent and cooking oil will be added.

Corn is beginning to ‘silk’, a sign that down in those close clustered shucks, the kernels are developing.  That means that the corn ear worms are too!  Putting some cooking oil on the silks is supposed to prevent those little monsters from eating more corn than I do. So that too is on the agenda for the morning.

If all else fails, some tobacco will be soaked overnight and the resultant ‘tea’ used to spray.

It’s a battle, one we fight each garden season. There are no real winners. We manage usually to get enough produce to feed us, and often soem to give away. But we do not defeat these contestants for our labor, slow them down perhaps, but never defeat.

I guess I should consider them some of those we ‘give’ to? I know, there are chemicals out there that ought to kill them. I am not happy with that idea. I figure that all of the food I buy is tainted with chemicals and hormones, going into my body against my will, why add to it?