I try not to get caught up in challenges.   It seems every time I commit to something like this, ‘life’ gets in there and turns me around. I get lost in the project and never finish. This one, however, is an individual endeavor. All you need to do is make one block a day, from June 21 to September 21 and you will have plenty to make a quilt top.

The goal, 95 6 inch blocks, appears to be quite ‘do-able’, for a bed size quilt. Better yet, I am nearly half way there! Of course, you can make fewer for a smaller quilt, or larger blocks and it will take less to complete. Pretty simple!

The blocks are easy and go together fast. In a matter of 2 – 3 days, I had made 40, so got ahead of the program for a change. The fabric I found laying around reminded me of summer sunrises, one of my favorite times of day. What, I asked myself, could be nicer than snuggling up in a sunrise?

Hot summer days can be very conducive to making quilt blocks. While canning is going on, there is some down time, waiting for things to be done and this seems a good way to use it while things cook. I used the pattern for ’10 minute blocks’, which I wrote about here earlier.

If you want to join in, the first link listed is the place to go, as well as take a look at a lot of nice blocks that others have made.  Great Eye candy and lots of inspiration there!