This weekend, Hubby and I joined forces with friends for a trip to Arkansas! It was or would have been about a 6 hour trip, except we found reasons to make a few stops along the way…

We arrived and ‘the ladies’ checked in to a motel, then we went along with ‘the guys’ to the campgrowund wehere we got them settled and the tent up. It was late by the time we got back to the motel after a stop for snacks and such at Wally-world.

Saturday morning we went to Waffle House for breakfast.  I was the only one of us ladies who had ever been there before. It made me think of Earlene Fowler’s book ‘Arkansas Traveler’. As Benni Harper had introduced her friend Elvia to the joys of a Waffle House breakfast… so much fun!

Plans to get together with one of our quilting friends went awry, so we headed out to a morning of adventure which included a trip to Hobby Lobby, a jaunt back to the campground for sandwiches with the guys, a flea market stop and then ice cream to celebrate a good day of adventure. Back at the motel where we were to meet with some other old friends, for a nice dinner and evening of catching up.

I am not a pool person, nor is my friend, however it was really hot and we did dip our feet in the pool for a bit to cool off. Truly, the water was warm, but it was refreshing. I know that all the kids seemed to be enjoying it.

The guys mostly hung out at the river and doing ‘their thing’ while we did ours. They even managed to catch a few fish! Pretty good since the weather was so hot and the river low. At least that is what this non-fisherman was told.

It must have been successful all around – those guys were discussing ‘the next trip’ all the way home!