It’s been awhile, way too long a while!
Without a computer, have plenty of time for garden, reading, and all those crafts I do.
And house cleaning… I am sure that Hubby has appreciated all the trash and such that I decided we could live without. Two pickup loads of ‘stuff’ that we can probably live just as well without!
There is lots of sweet corn and green beans in the freezer, jars of berries and peaches in the pantry. Those will be welcome come winter time!
I’ve made aprons for an upcoming craft show, and maybe to enter in the county fair the first of next month. Those wall hangings I liked and made earlier are still ongoing projects too. A lot of fun to make and fun to come up with new ideas for the appliques and the ‘window’.
Knitting goes well with sitting in the living room in the evening, scarves and Christmas stockings have taken shape, and a couple of amigurumi projects have begun.
I’ve been reading a lot too. Keeping the local library busy for entertaining myself. The nice folks at Doubleday Publishers sent me a copy of Barbara Delinsky’s new book Escape. I really enjoyed it.
I think everyone has had a moment (or two) when they wanted to just drop it all and ‘escape’ from the world they know.
In ESCAPE, that is exactly what happens and the choices are life changing.
I recommend it highly. For those of you in the neighborhood, I donated it to the Bunker branch of the library, so others can enjoy it too.
Hopefully, the computer will be back up and on line in a few days…I haven’t missed the computer nearly as much as I have missed the communication with everyone. Being without my ‘window to the world’ is not a pleasant circumstance.