On a shelf, here in the ‘office’ is a jar of jacks with a rubber ball, an old glass milk bottle full of marbles, a button on a string… toys we made do with. No batteries, no sounds but laughter or sighs of frustration. Just companionship and imagination, free spirited fun. My, what we must have missed!

Did you play with these?

Recently, while sitting around ‘supervisng’ a project, I dug a piece of yarn out of my craft bag and tried to remember some of the sequences of play in the old “Cat’s Cradle” game. I was not terribly sucessful with the project although I did manage a couple of figures.

I looked it up, of course you can find it on Google! http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Cat’s-Cradle-with-String and came to realize that most of the figures require two people to complete them to the end.

It seems rather odd, I know I taught my kids to play! I know we used to spend hours moving through the intricate twists and turns to make ‘crows feet’, ‘Jacob’s ladders’ and ‘cradles’. How could I forget? It’s good to know something that you can do, alone,  just for fun, without a keypad or controller. It is!

I wonder if my grandkids could stop texting or playing with electronic games long enough to get through any of it? I wonder if they would even try? Would a piece of string interest them at all?