I mentioned earlier on about Hubby helping our ‘new’ neighbors.

It has been a community project over the past several days. The ‘movers’ are parents of one of the neices, moving from a place up near the highway to property on ‘our dirt road’ that they bought.

Like most of us here, they are trying the ‘do it ourselves’ method of life in the slow lane. Other people have been helping with the project all summer as the mobile home was moved, power lines dug, wire set and the water lines run and connected. They were able to stay there last night, and will, with willing hands, be able to finish up moving the last of their possessions today.

It wasn’t done with a “what’s in it for me” attitude. It was just done. Yes, there have been perks. Friends getting together to finish a given project, food shared, jokes, and a sense of old time community as the project has gone on. Most of the time, no call is sent out for help, it just seems to arrive. For technical things, there are those skilled and knowledgable who come to do the job and usually give up a weekend day to do it.

Sharing labor, tools, knowledge and on occasion, “Oh, I have that at the house, let me run get it.’ So no one has to make the trip to town, or be long away from the task at hand. It’s a good attitude, money does not change hands, but many other things do. One neighbor has something anther needs and it is shared, donated or loaned as the case may be.

I love the way our little community comes together when folks have a need, large or small.