Cucumbers! Cucumbers!  What to do?

We had pickles left from last year. I told Hubby, we won’t plant a lot of cucumbers, I don’t see the point of making pickles this year.

We put out 4 plants and after a slow start, they are really getting on with a growth spurt! And so, this morning I was nearly convinced that I would have to put up some pickles…

I was going to make what Gram called ‘Ice cube pickles’, I found out long after learning the process that they are called ‘Bread and Butter’ pickles. Well, no matter what you call them they  are pretty tasty. So here is the general recipe.  To make 7 pint jars:

Slice up about 4 pounds of cucumbers and 8 small onions in a large container, layer with 1/4 cup pickling salt and cover with ice cubes. (Maybe that is where Gram got the name?)

Let them set for a couple of hours then drain, rinse and drain again.

In a big pot, (it has to hold the brine and the veggies) bring 2 cups of sugar, 3 cups of vinegar, and 1/2 cup of pickling spices to a boil. Add the cucumbers and onions and bring to a boil again.

Pack the pickles in jars and cover with hot brine. Leave about a quarter-inch open at the top of the jar. Put on the lids and process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

Now, I know Gram did not do the boiling water bath, but these days for safe canning that is the recommended procedure and I do it.

I have made these a time or two using an abundance of zucchini instead of cucumbers and that worked really well too.

However, this morning, a friend came by and took away the surplus – his wife will get to make pickles and they will have the blessing of the day’s harvest in their kitchen. My turn will in all likelihood come yet another day.