Years back, we were warned to stay out of the creeks during the ‘dog days’. The  scum would get stirred up and it was possible to get impetigo from contact with it. We pretty much took our chances, many of us would begin the school year with a coating of salve to get rid of the unpleasant condition.

It seems now there is something a whole lot worse in the water! A news report came out last week, telling us to stay our of ‘fresh water’. There is some sort of tiny water creature, an amoeba, that can attack through your nose and cause death.

Three deaths have been reported in the United States this summer.

The report says the little critter lives in ‘warm’ water,  so I hope that our chilly streams are safe.  I hope so, and plan to continue enjoying the waters of the streams and rivers in the area, but to err on the side of safety, I will not be sticking my head in the water the rest of the summer.