We have been plagued with midnight marauders.  Furry little creatures that like to get into garden, trash and the chicken yard.

Finally it was decided that they had to go. Hubby set up the live trap and we awaited the result. This morning one of the little guys was in the trap.

Following the information I found from our Conservation Department we took him about 7 miles from here, into ‘unsettled’ territory in the woods. I did not want him close to someone else’s home to wreak havoc there. Raccoons can make a big mess in a very short time. Getting the trash scattered is not pretty, nor hygenic.  Nor is the free food a good thing for the little fellows.

Hubby opened the trap and off he went into the new location. I do hope he does well there.

 The cameras prove he is not alone, so we will set up the trap again, hoping that his friends and family will also be taken to this new area and be able to live long, healthy lives in the wild.