Yesterday, we made a trip to enhance the local ecconomy. Grocery store, Dollar Store, gas station. I hope, since we left there with much lighter pockets that we helped it out.

While we were out, it seemed that at every turn there was someone we knew, my sister, Hubby’s brother, a nephew and family, several other not often seen folks from around our little community, all who had decided to make the same trek at the same time and same day… one of the neices we ran in to,mentioned we all could have saved money by car pooling!

I am pretty sure we spent a great deal more time chatting and catching up than we did shopping!

There is only one ‘real’  grocery store in our county,  so of course, that is the most likely place we all shop if we do not have to go farther afield for things they do not carry. Oddly, though we go there on a relatively regular basis, we do not often meet others from the community. I have been there when the staff has outnumbered customers more than once.