The folks at Doubleday sent me a galley copy of an up-coming release. Damned by Chuck Palahniuk.

I will say the title and cover art were a little off-putting, even Hubby mentioned it. That is pretty rare! My agreement with Doubleday is something like this: ” I will read pretty much anything and review it”. So,with some trepidation, I started the book.  I am glad I did this time. I would recommend this book with 3 out of 5 stars.

Palahniuk uses a wry wit to bring out the best of his characters in a strange place that has no time. Overt sexual scenes and heavy use of foul language do not play in this book, which rather surprised me, considering the title.  Had this been the case, I would not have finished the book, I do have certain standards. I will be checking out some of  his other releases.

Thirteen year old Madison Spencer wakes up in Hell.  Ever wonder about those meal time phone solicitations? Internet porn? Life after life? Maddy can tell you all about it, and this precocious teen does!

Maddy decides early on that HOPE is the key to surviving the ugliness and peril that surrounds her in this awful situation. Soon she has some friends, Babette, Archer, Leonard, and Patterson, others who have lost their lives early.  They all carry the same idea, this is not the end…

Follow Madison Spencer and friends as they trek across the Dandruff Desert and into other places you might not want to visit. She makes her way to the very control center. Facing some of history’s most dire denizensand demons, the group coheres into survivors. Maddy and her unlikely cohorts begin with improvements could, and should,  they believe, be made and set out to change Hell.

Does Satan control her life/ death, or will she turn Hell around?

This book is scheduled for release in October 2011.