This blog entry is my submission for the Red Tuna Shirt Club and Outdoor Blogger Network Writing Contest.

Colorado wilderness, June morning, trout streams and beaver ponds. Does it get better?

Camping in the high country with the older girls and a nephew, we set out early. Jackets required on this summer morn.

Hubby and nephew are primed and ready to supply us with fresh brookies for dinner as we amble along through the pristine world.

Here an ouzel dips and walks underwater, intriguing us as it searches among the rocks, there and eagle soars overhead, riding the warming current to soar out of sight.

It is warming up, jackets discarded to carry as we reach ‘the spot’ chosen by Hubby for our day afield. Casts are grabbed by the bright trout, jumping and sparkling as they fight vainly for freedom.

Weeds along the pond bank snag a lure or two as the guys play tag with the fish.

Soon they are down to one lure apiece. Hubby cautions nephew, “Don’t get hung up, you will have to quit!”

Of course, in minutes the inevitable happens… Nephew has hung up in the weeds about 6 feet into the pool.

Now I am not sure what possessed the boy, perhaps that his fishing for the day would be over, but whatever it was, he chooses to wade in and retrieve the lost lure.

I caution him, “That is snow melt water, take off your jeans!” The girls dutifully turn away as he shucks down to his tidy whites an steps into the water…

A bit over knee-deep, shaking and blue skinned, he gives up the project. The lure is still hanging, the boy nearly in tears as he pulls his dry jeans back on.

We set the girls to catching insects and the trip ends in success.

Back at camp, the grill provides a tasty dinner, and one that will never be forgotten!