Izzy Wright stopped in this morning for coffee and the last piece of apple pie.

He hasn’t been here in awhile, busy taking care of what needs done out there by his little cabin. After greeteing and while wiping the crumbs from hie beard, he asked “Have you been keeping track of the fog?”

“Fog?” I asked with an obviously bewildered look.

“Yes! Don’t you know that August fog predicts the weather for winter?” he replied.

Well, I’m sure you can tell I had no clue about this!

Izzy elaborated; there have been 7 foggy mornings so far this month, and according to his lore that means we will have 7 snowfalls to look forward to this winter. He says “Five will come in Feb’wary, so be ready fer ’em!”

Since I prefer snow to ice storms I will take heed and see what happens.

Pie finished, old Izzy slipped out the door, and off down the trail. I’m sure he’ll be back when the wind blows him this way again. He also mentioned the stripes on the ‘wooly bear’ caterpillars are wide, another sure predictor of a snowy winter…

I don’t know , but I have written this bit of  folklore down, just to see if the old tales are correct.