In my effort to embarrass my children and in honor of a question about ‘sleepover’ memories…

Back about 30 years ago, Tara had invited a friend to ‘stay the night’ with us.  The girls arrived on the bus after school full of excited plans for the evening, which included, making fudge.

This activity took place with regularity, however, on this occasion, I was busy. Since the girls had been ‘helping’ in the kitchen since they were old enough to stand on a chair to reach the table, and Tara was adept at reading, I trusted that she and her friend could handle the recipe.

I went about whatever it was I needed to do, checking a time or two on my new cooks. After arduous effort on their part, they concluded the fudge was done and set back to wait for the stirring part after it had cooled a bit.

Now comes the sad and sorrowful part of this little tale! That fudge would not set up!

And so, my wonderful cooks decided to pour the whole pan of slimy liquid down the drain! A bit later that evening, as it approached bed time and showers, it was discovered that the drains were clogged. Water was backing up everywhere!

Hubby Began work on the ‘clog’, it was soon discovered that the fudge had hardened – in the drainage system…