We arrived at the fair grounds early yeasterday evening. It was my fault, I said I was hungry, so, Hubby says, let’s go on to the fair and get something to eat…

Of course, there were a lot of other things to do besides eat,  a Demolition Derby was in progress, 4 wheeler races, exhibits and plenty of friends and neighbors to catch up with.

After taking a look at various activities and visiting and yes, stoking up on quesadillas, fresh lemonade and some other goodies, I finally got to the exhibit building. That is always my favorite part. Seeing what people have made, grown and just enjoying the variety of things there.


I had entered some things this year, some jelly, canned peaches, one of my aprons and a quilt. Everything I entered won a ribbon, and I have to think, that since there was not a lot of representation, some may have been by default, not really for the work I had done.

There were some truly wonderful entries. I posted some pictures on Facebook, on the Reynolds County Memories page.

The fair ended with a performance by a gospel group, Crimson Gold, who had a great program of music and a Bull riding show .

It’s over now, nothing left but clean-up, and the promise of another County Fair next year… I’ll be waiting for it!