It’s a holiday? Oh, Labor Day. I guess we are honoring it with our Labor today.

Hubby got out early, enjoying the taste of fall-like weather this morning. He even grabbed a long sleeve shirt to begin with.

I chose a sweat shirt to keep off the chill of 58 degrees.  They were not needed for long!  Plenty of things happening to earn sweat equity!

We did some intensive care on brush across from the house and  then cauterized it with a hot fire.

It’s time to do those chores…

The tractor has had a workout, the food plot is about ready for fertilizer and another tun with the disk to work it in before seeding with the fall/winter crops.

Now it is 1PM, time for some dinner and then off to complete some other chores.

I hope whatever you choose to do to celebrate the day, it is a good one for you!