We had company yesterday. A young friend and her four children came to visit and help with some projects.

Her oldest boy, asked to watch the youngset for afew minutes mad some sort of commom today snarky remark to his mother. For some reason this offended me. I told him that the only attitude I wanted to hear was gratitude. His mother, currently a single parent is doing all she can to raise these boys and make a full life for them. In the long run, I probably should have kept my mout shut, but it did stop him in his tracks and led to no more difficulty with  pre-teen mouthiness for the rest of the visit.

She works hard to do that, to provide for them and see that there is something outside the ‘basics’ of food, shelter and clothing for them.  She was here working yesterday, not for money, but in trade for some of the extra food bounty that we have been provided. Hubby and I were appreciative of the time and assistance she was willing to give and happy to give her ‘payment’ we could easily afford. Perhaps that trade will free up a bit of cash for something else needed for her family.

I want to thank her, here. I will not mention her name, God and several others know it, and that is all that matters. Thanks to you, girl, and to your boys for the help and entertainment yesterday.

I also want to say a big Thank you to Marcia Hohn http://quilterscache.com and Tipper Pressley http://Blindpigandtheacorn for sending a lot of nice people over this way to check out this blog.  I spend a good bit of time reading their blogs and hope mnny have seen their links on this blog and, at the very least, checked them out too.  Their blogs are full of wonderful inspiring thoughts.

And a big thanks go out to the readers and new subscribers this past week, that really puts a smile on my face, confidence in my heart and keeps me going. Sure, I write this for myself, but it’s nice to know that others enjoy it too.