In this day of speed and convenience, it’s hard to think of stopping, taking a little time to get places. Crossing the Mississippi River at the end of Highway 77 is a ferry boat. If you have a few minutes in your busy world, I suggest you take the trip.

Long ago, the only way across the rivers was ferry boats. Our recent campsite was near the Dorena-Hickman Ferry, and as I watched it, I was taken back in time.

It was so easy to step back in my mind to the days of  steamboats, river rafts, and the landings they made.

I took a trip across the river on the ferry, from the Missouri side to Kentucky and back.  Watching an eagle swoop in to grab a fish, then fly off. Standing on the prow of the ferry, wind in my face, it was for me a treasured moment. This comfortable pace, the flow of water, away from the hustle.