Sometimes, you do not realize that there is a cry for help being made.

This happened, unpleasant as it is to have to admit. Someone I know was complaining about some things in their life. I listened, made appropriate (so I thought) comments and then let it go. The attitude projected was pretty normal, although some of the comments were not. I did not see the anguish in what I was told. I said, “I am here for you”, but I guess I wasn’t.

This was my mistake and it could have proven fatal… Why did I not ask questions, why did I take statements at face value, most important, why did I not follow-up? This is my guilt to carry. I got busy with my life and neglected to pay enough attention.

I was remiss in noting signals that this person was very depressed and thinking of suicide. More than just toying with the idea, there was a plan in place and ready to be carried out.

Thankfully, several other factors became apparent over the past few days and there has been intervention. It took people working together to reach the conclusion that there was a serious problem. The trees were there, but no one actually saw the whole forest.

Right now, in light of the events,  I am seriously re-evaluating some of what I have always thought and promising myself and my friends to be more aware of cries for help in the future.

I can only be grateful that it went no farther.