Cooler days, cooler nights… Birds and insects solitary and in groups are moving. Dusk and dark show the larger creatures on the move as well.

The hummingbird feeder is taken down, to encourrage the little things to head on to warmer climes.

Hubby has cleared and disked the garden space. Enough green beans and such have been harvested.

Now the fall turnips are in the ground, a couple of rains have visited to provide moisture to grow. The thing about the turnip patch is; it is not planted just for us. Yes, we and some friends and neighbors get some, but it is also there to help supplement food for wildlife through the winter.

Not only the turnips, the food plots have been reseeded as needed, the salt lick relenished for fall.  The game cameras have new batteries and are in place.

Some things are winding down, while others begin to wind up.  Fall is here, time to consider not ends, but new beginnings and the continuing changes of the seasons. Each brings some important thing to our lives here. Planting, growth, harvest, rest, the cycles of earth remain.