Yesterday, I was privileged to take a trip back in time. Some friends and I were fortunate to visit a Living History Re-enactment,  Old Greenville Days in Greenville Missouri was the place. It was well worth dodging raindrops to take part.

In the misty fog of the early morning, I met Buzzard, a kind gentleman who dicussed the fine points o f ‘boilt coffee’ with me at his campfire.

“Mix a good handfull of coffee grounds with a raw edd and dump it into the boiling water”. He demonstarted his technique and other were soon gatahered around his campfire, cups in hand to sample his morning brew.



Farther down the line of canvas tents a young woman was up, preparing breakfast in her modern kitchen. No bending over the fire for her. I was impressed by the practiced ease as hotcakes were mixed and prepared on cast iron.

The cannon and hospital were silent. No sounds of battle or suffering casualties ripped the morning stillness.

Only the clatter of food preperations and a few soldiers taking their ease at the beginning of another day.

It was a pleasurable trip back in time, a learning experience I will do again.