It’s about that time, the monthly shopping list is in the works. Studying the ‘sale papers’ is giving me a headache! 

I read an article from the NY Times, advocating feeding your family meals at $5 per serving to include a balanced, nutritious food plan. That works out to $30 per day in my household.  That times 30 days is $900 a month, just for 2 people! My budget does not go anywhere near there! It is actually less then half of that.  Other things like laundry soap, toilet paper and such are also included in that budget, maybe I should call it the ‘homekeeping budget’ instead of just groceries?

Most of the people I know can’t spend that much on food! So what do you do? It might be simpler if I lived in town, where there are more choices of places to shop. The best I can do is our small town that has a Walmart and a ‘supermarket’.  Yes, I use coupons on items we use regularly when I can get them. Most of what is cooked here is from scratch.

I am blessed, because we can and do garden, preserving things for later use, have  chickens for eggs and added meat, and actually have a pig in the freezer this fall. Our grocery needs are far less than many others. Most of the time, we get two meals, sometimes more out of what we fix. I made a pot of beans last week, there are beans and chili preserved from that, so it was a very frugal meal.

I don’t know how many families get by.

I am curious, what would you serve for $5 meals in your house? here is a link to the local ‘sale paper’

Post your menu for one day as a comment. Bonus, what do you always keep on hand for ’emergency meals”?  I always try to have tuna, some kind of pasta and mushroom soup for a tuna casserole or tuna salad… (without the soup) 😉 

Well that was really hard work –

Here is ours for today:  juice, bacon, eggs and biscuits for breakfast this morning, there is left over chicken noodle soup with onion, carrots and peas in it for lunch, and dinner will be meatloaf, potatoes green beans. I am making a pie for dessert.   I made an adjustment for Hubby’s glass of milk with every meal and with his pie.  I broke it down, best I could, and it figures out to about $14 for the two of us, according to the store prices for products.