Acorns and hickory nuts clatter like hail on the metal roofs of the house and shed. It’s a good idea to beware when leaving the saftely of the roof. A falling nut hurts, I don’t know the velocity, but remember from high school science classes that the speed increases the thump, or something like that anyway…

I know they will wake you up at night from a sound sleep, cracking like gunshots as they hit, then rumbling as they roll off the roof. Now how fun is that? Not bad really, not bad at all, as you roll over burrow into the pillow and drop back to sleep. Not the peaceful whip-poor-wills of summer nights, but in a way a comforting sound. A sound of completion of the cycle, and a melody of promise.

Here on the ridge, the Autumn colors are behind what it in the valleys, but coming along. Hicokory gold, bronze oaks, amd the orange and red of maples are beginning to show up.

Paths through the woods show tracks of wild things, raccoons, possums, turkey and deer have passed by. We don’t see them in person often, but there is proof abundant that they are here, visitors accepting what is there to eat and tracks at the ponds, show they are coming in to drink as well.

The salt lick has been pawed over regularly, too. So I assume the wild things are getting the minerals they need.

Turnips and new clover are rising from seed in the garden and food plots,  winter forage or supplement as the case may be.

In t he yard, most of the flowering beauty is now retired for the season. The golden mums make a big bright circle out front and some wild flowers still bravely bloom out  back and along the road sides.

Autumn in its glory. It’s a good time of year!