Our day began early, loading dogs and the cooler filled with water sodas and sandwich makings into the truck in the dark.

He was rushing me, and as I checked the kitchen, it looked as though he had everything under control.

An hour and a half later, as we began to meet school buses picking up their load and the sun crept over the hills we got to ‘the turnoff’ Hubby was looking for.

A few miles down the gravel road, he noticed that the cooler had turned over… and I thought, I hope he put the bread in back, cause it was not in the seat beside me. So when he got the cooler reset, I asked about it.

“Um, no”. Well that is not insurmountable, I have a knife and forks in the cooler. So, the meat and eggs I had fixed for sandwiches could still be consumed as needed. Good thinking on my part, I must say!

Our first stop yields no rabbits, nor does the second. Who cares? It is a beautiful morning, full of sunshine, music of birds and a couple of bald eagles skim the river.

It was a fine, fine morning!